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maximum size of your logfiles, set this to 0 to disable.

This value is in Kilo Bytes, so '550' would mean cycle logs when it reaches the size of 550 Kilo Bytes.

It's used for internal routines as well as for logfile timestamping or scripting purposes.

All logfiles will get suffix ".[day, 2 digits][month, 3 letters][year, 4 digits]" Note that your quota might get full by this, so check your logfiles often and download them. You can specify in this setting, when eggdrop should switch the logfiles and started fresh. You should read doc/BOTNET before modifying these settings. Valid modes are 'all', 'bots' and 'users'.The bot will wait dupwait-timeout seconds before it checks again and then finally reject the bot. All calls to it, including such things as note notifying or userfile saving are affected by this.Example: set hourly-updates 15 Bot will save 15 minutes past every hour its userfile Enter all user-defined fields that should be displayed in a '.whois' This will only be shown if the user has one of these xtra fields.Set this to your socks host if your eggdrop sits behind a firewall Example: set firewall "proxy:178" If you use a Sun "telnet passthru" firewall, use this setting: Example: set firewall "!sun-barr.ebay:3666" If you have a NAT firewall (you box has an IP in one of the following ranges:,, and your firewall transparently changes your address to a unique address for your box.) or you have IP masquerading between you and the rest of the world, and /dcc chat,/ctcp chat or userfile shareing aren't working. Do not enter anything for my-ip or my-hostname if you use this setting.

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You can assign special ports for users and bots, or one for all.

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