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Despite its organic origin, meaning it’s the residue of living things, any nutritive matter it may contain is generally unavailable to plants.

Humus can be approximated by stable natural compost or mature cultivated compost, sometimes called effective or active humus.

Apart from the longer-term benefits of foraging, the presence of these edibles provides you with some head starts in: Fruitful? Now you can plan your gardens to incorporate or border already thriving patches of edibles and take advantage of what you’ve learned about the qualities of your land.In “Three Sisters” agriculture, the squash leaves form a kind of living mulch.As always, do your homework: generally, for example, you’ll keep mulch a little clear from your plantings’ stem-root juncture, but some plants are grown with a little mulch piled around their base.Special Cases: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Nature is infinitely varied, of course.Here are just a few of the exceptions to the taxonomy and strategies we’ve been examining.


Conserve and Protect Mulch covers a multitude of sins.