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* The Classical Age refers to the period when most of North India was reunited under the Gupta Empire (ca. The military exploits of the first three rulers--Chandragupta I (ca. [Source: Library of Congress *] From Pataliputra, their capital, they sought to retain political preeminence as much by pragmatism and judicious marriage alliances as by military strength.

Despite their self-conferred titles, their overlordship was threatened and by 500 ultimately ruined by the Hunas (a branch of the White Huns emanating from Central Asia), who were yet another group in the long succession of ethnically and culturally different outsiders drawn into India and then woven into the hybrid Indian fabric. 606-47), North India was reunited briefly, but neither the Guptas nor Harsha controlled a centralized state, and their administrative styles rested on the collaboration of regional and local officials for administering their rule rather than on centrally appointed personnel.

The aesthetic canons that came to dominate all the arts of later India were codified during this time.

Power at this point increasingly shifted to regional rulers outside of the Ganges valley. Based in the Ganges Valley, he established a capital at Pataliputra and united north India in A. Hindu religion and Brahmin power revived under peaceful and prosperous reign. His empire occupied much of what is now northern India. The Satavahana, or Andhra, Kingdom was considerably influenced by the Mauryan political model, although power was decentralized in the hands of local chieftains, who used the symbols of Vedic religion and upheld the varnashramadharma .

The main achievements of the Guptas during this era of peace were artistic and intellectual.

During this period, zero was first used and chess invented, and many other astronomical and mathematical theories were first elucidated.

It also regarded as the classical period or golden age of Hindu art, literature and science.

320 to 647) was marked by the return of Brahmanism (Hinduism) as the state religion.

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He was succedded by his son Ghatotkacha (290-305 AD).

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