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It is a bit of a dilemma for the straight guys who don't want any male attention. It's really too bad because otherwise he would have been a very good looking guy. The first guy I watched was ready to meet one chatter in person after a hello so maybe it's a glorified whore house although because obviously people are situated around the world probably not.

If they set their rooms to be female-only they have no chance of getting to the first page and if they are buried on page 3 no one will find them there. Some gay guys ARE very aggressive with their gay sex talk and countless gifs of guys sucking cocks. They turned off all the lights, hid behind the sofa and started peeking through the blinds. One of the more pleasant guys and one of my current faves is Juicy Jake, who (I think) is from Texas. He is a handsome guy with a great body but he has these irregular patches of lighter skin all over his groin - really unattractive. Yay.[quote]He is a handsome guy with a great body but he has these irregular patches of lighter skin all over his groin - really unattractive. I'm surprised he didn't use some kind of make-up to cover it up. Turkish group of men and a woman with one hot looking guy occasionally whipping out his hard dick while others are clothed.

I don't want to ruin someone else's experience just because I'm horny myself. I spent several hours on Chaturbate yesterday watching four shows.

Where is that happening and how did it all come together? There is another old guy who is always with twinks on there and I've thought the same thing.spoiled as in too cocky. After seeing some people's Amazon wishlists, Facebook, and Linked In, I was surprised that they were using their real names.

Alex_bigc's dick just looks gross and groteouse to me. Plus it takes more confidence for smaller guys to show it and confidence is sexy. What I am shocked by is how many people use their real names on the site.

If I wanted to, I could contact a couple of his employers and his family back home in _________ and let them know what he does with his penis online. So they go from collaborators to competitors just like that? JJ Swift bailed on the Voyeur Boys over the summer.

Apparently he had some family issues (sick or dying grandmother? R71, I very rarely get Flash crashes even though they do sometimes happen but only maybe few times a month.

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I have 28 people in my "follow" list, and there used to be at least one, and often two or three on line at almost any time I logged in.

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