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Elektra schaltungen simulieren online dating

COACH SHURMUR: Well, we got penetration and we can’t allow that. Do you have the guys what are capable of executing? How many more options are there to get this thing right? If you start the game and things are going well, you kind of stick with it and you move on to other things if it feels right. You brought TE Brent Celek in more and you went under center.You know, it really comes down to the specifics of each play and that’s what we go through.The corrections are being made throughout the game, because often times you’ll not run a play correctly, it gets fixed, and then later on you do.COACH SHURMUR: Well, we haven’t thrown the ball deep, although we had some explosive plays in the first game. Then Miles [WR Miles Austin] had one the other night where he got down the field deep, we just didn’t make the catch. Do you feel like the predictability is too much right now? Do the Jets have the most dangerous corners that you’ll face?Do you care whether the opposite team knows what’s coming or not? Are you getting beat off the ball or are there just missed assignments? There were a couple times, like I said, when the linebacker level would shoot through and then kind of disrupt and knock our guys off of our double teams. COACH SHURMUR: Well, three are actually three of them. I was with the inside guy, [CB] Buster Skrine, in Cleveland; we drafted him, I think in 2011, in the fifth round. We’ve just got a mix of guys and we are trying to keep good, fresh players in there and try to use the whole roster. Chip Kelly said yesterday that the only way that you can get the vertical passing game going is by running the ball better.COACH SHURMUR: Well, I think they are very prideful.

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So the corrections are constantly being made and then after the game, you kind of watch it in total, and that’s sort of what we did this morning.

Make the corrections, now we’ll come out here and fix them on the field. What is Kelce not doing now that he has done in the past?

I think you saw that last night [against the Indianapolis Colts]. They are big, sturdy guys, and they are sort of one‑gap players, but they are thick, so they can almost appear as two‑gap at times. When you look at the games, probably Cleveland blocked them a little better than they got blocked last night, I would say. Is that merely a function of plays not working the way you want them to work?

COACH SHURMUR: No, some of the ways we tried to line up the other night — the way we were getting the receivers organized — was just a little bit slower.

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