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Dating websites for walkers

During a guided tour of Italy, a couple from Toronto looked out over sprawling vistas while a salty sea breeze raised goosebumps on their skin.

It was their 30th anniversary, and they chose to spend it awash in the splendor of the Italian landscape.

With that backdrop, romance is pretty much inevitable.

Hand in hand, they celebrated their lifelong commitment to one another and made a lasting memory in a truly beautiful setting.

If you love seeing the world, the Country Walkers tours are an easy way to visit romantic and inspirational places with a group of like-minded people.

Country Walkers takes groups to 65 destinations on five continents (including Africa via CW Safaris).

For guided tours, groups can made up of 16 to 18 people, but the average group size is a more intimate 12.

The tours often become the setting for people meeting and forging connections — sometimes they even decide to go on multiple trips together.

Every port of call, from the vineyards of California to the glaciers of New Zealand, showcases their finest foods and rarest sights for visitors.

These passionate travelers can choose to take a trip as a couple or group, or they can venture out on their own.

Solo travelers enjoy low or no single supplements when traveling with these single-friendly tours.

Their planned excursions became so popular, they soon expanded from tours in their own backyard to journeys halfway round the world.

Now the company offers guided and self-guided tours to guests looking for a social and stress-free way to travel the globe.

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Country Walkers takes singles and couples on a journey to witness hidden wonders in over 66 destinations from the U. Their guided group tours also come with the added bonus of travel buddies walking, hiking, dining, and enjoying the trip alongside you.