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Being Ginger is a 2013 documentary/romantic comedy film directed, produced, and starring Scott P. It starts off as the filmmaker, an American redhead living in Scotland, goes on a quest to try to find a mythical woman who specifically likes ginger men.

Over the course of the film it becomes more about the longterm impact of schoolyard bullying and self-acceptance. Harris explains his unique experience as a redhead.

The film received highly favorable reviews from critics, with Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times calling it "Sweet, funny, and ultimately rather touching". The last credit of the film announces that Scott will return in a film called "An American Ginger In Paris." In September 2014 he launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised ,788.

While they may be allergic to the sun, be covered in freckles, and have a lower pain threshold than other hair colors, ginger girls have got something truly special...

Scott then learns of The Redhead Days, the world's largest redhead gathering which takes place every year in The Netherlands.

April 29 will see redheads, rangas and gingers from across Melbourne unite to celebrate their unique hue.

He eventually gets the date, but it doesn't go anywhere.

Throughout the film Scott's camerawoman tries to encourage him to date a redheaded woman, but he steadfastly refuses.

In September 2012 Scott launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to pay for post-production. The film was released online on August 23, 2013, the same weekend it screened at The Irish Redhead Convention.

A week later it screened at The Redhead Days in the Netherlands.

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