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With more and more people going online and purchasing online it's never been easier to make money online by launching an affiliate marketing business.

If put in layman’s term, Affiliate marketing is a way by which, a company sells its products, through individuals or companies, who in turn charge a commission for the sale or marketing done.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "What is the best way to make money as an affiliate marketer? This is usually followed by, "What is the best niche to make money as an affiliate."Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, there is no single answer.

In short, stick to the basics () because demand is forever in those niches.

Marketers willing to learn about new niches and develop their expertise have the freedom to seek out areas that offer large commissions and big upfront payments for directing paying customers to their sites.

Bloggers who have high traffic websites can translate their blogging success into membership to exclusive .

Go into niches with a lot of demand and a lot of customers.

Obscure niches may earn you income as well, but eventually, the competition will jump in and take away your short-term low-competition advantage.

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A lot of competition is a healthy a sign of a healthy market where there is plenty of money to be made by everyone.“Shooting star” fads come and go, but the following three (3) niches are going to be popular forever because as consumers, we will always need and desire information in these areas.