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More than half of young people in their teens (53%) participate in social activities online, usually through a social networking site.Facebook is the most popular site for this age group.Many schools are teaching students how to use the Internet to conduct research, but parents may need to provide some guidance as well.Two major difficulties related to Internet research are 1) determining the reliability of a site and 2) respecting copyright.

Communication, education and awareness are the best defences for children, youth and parents to help use the Internet safely.These days, preteens and teens seem to spend more time texting than they do talking on the phone.Texting is private and fun, and it lets them communicate with friends even when they're busy doing other things.In the past, they were limited to the resources they had available in their homes and schools, or in the local public library.Now, typing just one or two words into a search engine can bring up thousands of websites or “ hits ” – articles, videos, blogs, news and more.

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This allows them to communicate in real time, even more effectively than by texting.

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